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Request: Auto timed restart after disabling

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Carol Haynes:
Would it be possible to add an option to suspend this app for a few minutes (the length of time fixed in options and then applied from a tray option, perhaps 0 time could be an indefinite suspension).

The reason for this is that I have some apps that I am quite happy to calm down sometimes, but at others I want them to be as quick as possible so it isn't practical to set up a single rule to cover this.

Also it would be useful if when it loads during startup there was an option to wait a fixed length of time before it starts working.

I'm not sure but I think it is slowing down my system startup as it lowers lots of apps priority as they start loading.


you know that you can easily toggle process tamer on and off by double clicking its tray?

however, the idea of telling process tamer to not starting monitoring for a few minutes after its started at boot is a good idea.
i should say ive been looking for new features to add to process tamer, so keep them coming.
i will add this.

Carol Haynes:
Thanks - yes I use the enable toggle - but I was hoping for an option to temporarily turn it off and renable when I forget ;)

You could use the same menu item - just set the delay in config and in the menu have 'disable' or 'disable for x min' depending on the config setting.

"Start disabled fo x min" would be great, thanks

seems reasonable, i'll add it.

Carol Haynes asked for suspending the application for
a few minutes at boot time
was it done since i cannot find it in the application configuration ?

I have the same problem at boot time


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