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Can Process Tamer tame Firefox ?

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Firefox is known to have ups and downs with regards to it's use of system ressources.
Extensions are likely the major culprits.

Have Firefoxers found a way to configure Process Tamer to tame it somehow?

It seems to work well on Firefox so far. Just downloaded ProcessTamer a couple of days ago.

Ralf Maximus:
Works fine here, too.  Firefox is tamed.

Now if only ProcessTamer could tame that darn System Idle process... it's chewing up 85%!


I'm testing CPUIdle side by side with ProcessTamer.
So far so good.

I just tamed Firefox and I don't understand how ProcessTamer could have done it.

Somehow Firefox was running High Priority and was sometimes using 98%+ of the CPU. I made two changes to ProcessTamer Configuration:

1- Force it Normal
2- Move the CPU Smoother two-thirds to the left, toward "might jump the gun".

That did it! Now Firefox uses only a few percent of CPU time unless it is showing a video -- then it is 60-70%.

But why???  If Firefox wishes to use almost all the CPU and ProcessTamer stops it, I would expect Firefox to run at a crawl, starved for CPU. Not no -- it runs just fine. Why?

Thanks -- Vincent


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