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Some more editors of mention...

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I've used Multi Edit for years.  They don't have lifetime upgrades, so I still use an older version, but as a person who tries every text editor out there, even the older version is excellent for programmers.

For lightweight editing, I also use notepad++.  It's open source, it handles most anything I throw at it, and it's light weight.  What else can you ask for?

I also use raize scratch pad.  I just like the interface on this one- and the price wasn't too bad on it.

I haven't tried them all, but my text editor of choice is definitely NoteTab Pro

I've been using it for 5-6 years and functionally very rich. Some of the advanced features can take a bit to learn, but very worthwhile.

Most friends use the Lite (and free) version and there's only a few advanced features not available.

Too many features to list, but one very productive one is writing your own paste clips, macros, libraries etc, very powerful.

Slickedit. Stuck at version 6 cause I just can't justify the 299 price tag but even at version 6 it was a programmers editor which didnt look down at perl or php and had almost all it's great ide features work for those languages too.

Can't find the files i need for v6 anymore though  :'(

What about CodePad, another excellent freeware editor aimed at programmers, but quite useful for everyone.  You can find it at  It supports column select (use the Alt key), supports 64 programming languages for syntax highlighting out of the box, and much more.  I find it great for general text editing too.


A search didn't turn up GridinSoft Notepad so I felt I should add it too. I was considering paying for it but it doesn't support Unicode of UTF-8 and in this day and age that seems unacceptable. It's excellent on everything else though.


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