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IRC Chat - plus new web-based java interface from forum

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If you didn't already know it, there is an irc channel for donationcoder:
Channel: #donationcoder

If you are new to irc, try for a good client.

We have now added the ability to join the channel and chat right from the forum(!) using a java-based system which is quite good.

Just click the chat button at the top of the forum  (or click here) to join and start chatting right away :)

[thanks to Dan The Man , the PJIRC team, and simplemachines forum for this feature]

Carol Haynes:
Don't know how to fix this.

Chat worked for me (as you know) the other evening but now when I try to cnnect it says (banned) and disconnects.

I know that is my 'localhost' IP and not relevant.

How do I get the Java chat client to use my Internet IP ?

I clicked on help but couldn't find any reference to this error.

I am using an 802.11g network with an access point.

The only difference between connecting today and when we chatted is that a second computer is connected to the network ???

hmm, i dont see any info on this on jirc pages..
can you try it again and see if you can give me the exact error message and any other info that looks like it might be a clue?

Carol Haynes:
This is all I get ...

ok it looks like maybe the server is having a hard time getting through to you.
it could be because you are on a network and the router is not forwarding the information to the proper compuer - something that happens when connecting via routers.
but i can try configuring a different server so we can see if that's it.
if not, it may be that you will need to configure your router in order to use services like irc, ftpserver, instand messaging,etc.

the settings for routers that need to be set up to support such stuff on network routers is commonly called "port forwarding".
someone here probably understands it better than me but i can try to find some good web pages if you want.


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