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About signing up to download freeware license keys - READ IN PLEASE

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If you're new to this site please take some time to read a few of the discussions we've been having about the new license key system that went into effect at the end of August.

This site is trying hard to figure out a way to make the concept of donationware work.

We know it can be annoying to sign up just to get a license key for freeware.  There are so many high quality pure freeware applications available that it seems unreasonably annoying to make people sign up and download license keys.

I sympathize with any frustration you might have about having to jump through some hoops to use our programs without donating.

Please understand that our intentions are good and we are trying to strike a balance between on one hand encouraging people who can donate to do so (and donate an amount that they choose is fair), with the desire to keep our programs freely available to everyone.

Mainly we are motivated by a desire to make the concept of donation-based software be successfull where it has not been in the past (if you think it's unnesceary to do all of these other things to motivate donations, just ask any software author who has put up a link to request donations if anyone ever donates).

We are still experimenting to find the right balance.  Please bear with us, and we are very willing to listen to any suggestions, complaints, etc.  If you look around this forum you will see we take suggestions from users extremely seriously.

If you do decide to make a donation, know that you are helping us to make this a better site.

If you cannot afford to make a donation, or choose not to at this time, know that you are still welcome on this site just like everyone else.

Our intention is not to punish people for failing to donate or make them feel guilty - it's only to encourage those who can and are willing to do so, to actually go through with making a donation.  We ask only that you consider what we are trying to do and make a considered decision about whether you would be willing to help support us with some amount of your choice.

If you know for sure that you can't or aren't willing to make a donation, but would still like a full membership, please email me ([email protected]) and explain your position and i will upgrade your account to full member status.

how to activate my activation number?

click on the "Profile" button above and you should see on the left hand side a place to paste it in.
feel free to post or email me ([email protected]) if you need more help :)

i've been meaning to put up some screenshots or a movie showing everythin, maybe ill do that this week.

Just give me the Freeware License keys - what a waste of bloody time!


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