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Process Tamer and Windows Service Priorities


Does anyone know of a way to use process tamer (or anything else; registry, whatever) to control a specific windows service running in svchost.exe?  It seems that there is no way to differentiate the various svchost services.  I don't want to change them all.

This is a very interesting question..
It actually should be quite feasible based on checking the commandline arguments of svchost.. So it is something i could add if people were really interested.

That would be great.  I figured out how to control and modify how svchost groups different services into different process threads each with a different command line, e.g. - C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService.  Not too hard to do with a little registry editing.  If I could set process tamer to look for a specific command line with parameters instead of just the exe, it would be a perfect solution to my problem.

Happy to be an alpha tester :D


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