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Good Folder Printer

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I've been looking through a few file/folder printer, and can't find one which does this. Basically, I want the output of the folders to be printed with indents eg.

If the folder structure is


Then the output file format (txt or html) looks something like


Anyone has a recommendation for such a program? Preferably freeware.

Carol Haynes:
You could try I used this ages ago but haven't currently got it installed so can't remember exactly what or how it will print.

Karen has a lot of interesting programmes, all of which are free and you can download the source code too.

Open DOS-Box:

C:\>  tree   "Folder1"   >   DirList.txt

├───3D GIF Designer
│   ├───Animations
│   │   ├───Banners
│   │   ├───Buttons
│   │   └───Logos
│   └───Pictures
│       ├───Presets
│       └───Textures
├───CLCL Ver 1.1.2 (11Feb2005)
│   ├───clcl112_eng
│   │   ├───User
Then open and print DirList.txt

HTH  :(

Karen's tool didn't work. The dos tree command is cool. Thanks!

The dos tree command is cool. Thanks!-imtrobin (August 25, 2005, 11:49 AM)
--- End quote ---
Fine  :)
Here is an tool how generates list of an folder containt:
Directory Lister from
The version 0.7.2 was freeware, the new one is now shareware.

But thought this brings not the output you need ?

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