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Good Folder Printer

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this sounds like a good tool to add to our upcoming Context Menu Commander program.

In the meantime... to automagically print the output; make a .bat file with this code:

--- ---@echo off
tree /F /A %1 > "%temp%\dirlist"
start /w notepad /p "%temp%\dirlist"
del "%temp%\dirlist"
call it "Dirlist.bat" or something, and save it to your c:\ dir then make a .reg file:

--- ---REGEDIT4

@="C:\\dirlist.bat %1\\"(you could also replace "C:\" with a path to wherever you really want to put the .bat file, and remember to double the slashes...)
and right-click Merge.

Now, right-click on any directory and select "Dirlist"

Context Menu Commander?!? Oooh, I can't wait!... (no more digging in the registry, whew!)

Here is an tool how generates list of an folder containt:
Directory Lister from
The version 0.7.2 was freeware, the new one is now shareware.

But thought this brings not the output you need ?-Stefan (August 25, 2005, 12:54 PM)
--- End quote ---

Not quite, the output of the folders is not indented.

Directory Lister, easily the best piece of software out there in this category has been updated to a Final Version 1.0,  and is now shareware  :(

There is a file manager that makes pretty directory printouts- I can't remember if it was FreeCommander or A43 or some other one, but it works well...

On the other hand, I have updated my own directory listing code:
1- download a2ps and stick it in your PATH somewhere.
2- download the PrintFile32 utility. It's a standalone "throw a postscript file at my printer" utility. Quite useful, really.
3- here's my batch code:

--- ---@echo off
TITLE Preparing File Tree...
tree %1| a2ps - -1B -X ibm-cp437 -o %temp%\
start c:\program files\printfile32\prfile32.exe /q %temp%\

Stick a shortcut in your "Send To..." folder, or hack your registry to have it pop up when you right-click a folder.


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