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roboform2go or sticky password?

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I am not sure how many forms you guys fill in every day - i certainly don't fill in very many, and i make do with opera's tools for that.

keePass doesn't support firefox.-urlwolf (March 04, 2007, 06:11 PM)
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Works with Firefox for me.-rjbull (March 05, 2007, 06:32 AM)
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Works for me too.  I have no idea why someone would say that KeePass Password Safe does not work with Firefox.  It's not nearly as convenient as RoboForm, since you have to configure each password entry and manually locate the login form, but it does work as designed, with Firefox.

I'd recommend Sticky Password, because I'm working in this team :)
Honestly, Sticky Password is aimed now only for users who want to manage their passwords. But we are doing all the best to make password management features better.

Unfortunately Opera is not supported yet, however we support all popular browsers and usual programs. Even written on Java (this is really unique feature for now).

All features of desktop mode are supported in portable mode. Sticky Password will work in any environment as it works on your desktop computer. Portable mode includes such features like autorun when device is plugged in and auto-unload when device is unplugged.

Password protector feature also makes Sticky Password different from others. It will notify you when some program will try to retrieve password from another program or web browser window. It works in portable mode as well, so you can feel safe in Internet Cafe or at someone's else computer.

Just try Sticky Password and don't hesitate to ask and request features.

I've been wanting to use RoboForm for years, due to the beautiful way it locates and fills login forms either automatically (which uses extra CPU time), or at the click of a button.  But even after aaaaall this time, they have yet to add any way to import data from other applications.  And there's no way I can or will manually type all that info over again...

well... I have returned to Opera as my main browser (after trying FF seriously for about 2 months).

So I guess now what I'm really looking for is something like a passwd manager that works with opera and is better than the built-in one...


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