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roboform2go or sticky password?

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I'm planning to buy something to carry all my passwords with me (and save me time if I lose my laptop or have to reinstall OS). I heard that FF has a flaw that may let crackers retrieve your stored passwords. I also see people heare swearing by roboform (as a former opera-only guy, I didn't really test it).

There is a portable version of Roboform:

Now I found:

Has anyone compared those? Is the portable roboform less feature-rich than the standard version?

BTW, Sticky Password integrates password management features to any program on your computer. That's kind of neat.

I love Roboform but note that giveawayoftheday is featuring a similar app on today. Have neither heard of it nor tried it though! Also, the makers of Clipmate recently purchased darn! passwords, which is supposed to be very good as well (can't tell if it will run off a thumbdrive or not). Can't go wrong with Roboform, in my books...

Roboform, to be brutally honest, is the sole reason I do not use opera. Opera's lack of API prevents roboform from tying into the browser, and as such, prevents me from being a user. Roboform is the single most used program on my computer. I highly recommend it.

looks like a real contender... $39 for roboform portable is a bit steep.

Although here:
The KeePass plugins carry the following warning:

Warning: The plug-ins offered on this page are developed by different, independent authors. The KeePass team cannot check all plug-ins for bugs and/or malicious code and/or spyware before they are distributed here. Therefore, plug-ins need to be seen as possible security risk/hole and it's up to you if you trust the plug-ins developers or not.

Do you want to use these plugins with your financial data?
--- End quote ---

That does sound worrying.
Although the fact that this is openSource must mean that any security holes get fixed fast. I trust OS. This quote says it all:
As a cryptography and computer security expert, I have never understood the current fuss about the open source software movement. In the cryptography world, we consider open source necessary for good security; we have for decades. Public security is always more secure than proprietary security. It's true for cryptographic algorithms, security protocols, and security source code. For us, open source isn't just a business model; it's smart engineering practice.
Bruce Schneier, Crypto-Gram 1999/09/15
--- End quote ---


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