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REQ: Giving text (via text object) a transparent background

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darn it, sorry, back on my todo list..

*still there* with version v2.34.01   :-[
As is is very useful to not have any background color for when can we hope for a bugfix ?

(i do not like to add the text in ms-paint  afterward !

i am going to fix this this week, i'm sorry it's taken so long.  thanks for reminding me  :Thmbsup:

ah what the hell, i figured fix it today and avoid the embarrassment of people making fun of me for still not fixing this bug.  fixed version is now available.

i didn't change the updated version info in the updater though, to avoid everyone having to update for such a small fix, but i did upload the new version (2.34.02), so if you want to try the fix, start the updater and right click on screenshot captor and tell it to install from the web even though version hasn't changed.


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