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Bug with the "below normal" , "above normal" , "real time" priorities

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I'm trying this nice unique utility, but unfortunately it may have a problematic behavior:

PT misbehave processes with the "below normal" , "above normal" and "real time" priorities.

I started Notepad.exe with "below normal" priority.
I opened a big heavy file that demands high CPU usage.

This will trigger PT to Decrease the process priority to "low" priority.

After Notepad.exe succeed to open the big file it stopped demands high CPU usage.
Hence PT should restore the process to its previous original priority (which is "below normal").
But instead PT increased the priority to "Normal" and after a while to "high"

In addition, PT continues to increase the priority unstoppably!

I attached my Configuration (although to my understanding this misbehavior is not caused by the PT Configuration)

Bug with the "below normal" , "above normal" , "real time" priorities

Thank you,

Thank you for the report Shmate - I agree with you about what PT *should* do, and I will try to fix it in the next week or two!  I hope you will stay around to help test.  (ps. you can email me at [email protected]) to remind me or talk about this problem as I work on it.

-mouser (Jesse)


Thank you Mouser for the quick answer   8)

I would be glad to help.




Is there any progress ?

I am here, if help would be needed  :)


THanks for reminding me -- i've just moved and so lost a couple weeks of time.. It's on my todo list.


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