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Bug with the "below normal" , "above normal" , "real time" priorities

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My memory is that setting any Force option will keep it from being "tamed", because taming by definition means changing its priority to a lower level.

So normally if one sets a process to "Force Below Normal" you are telling Process Tamer: "don't bother watching this and assigning it a low priority when it hogs the cpu, instead just always keep it below normal priority".

Can you give me an example case of when you'd want it forced to something AND at the same time want PT to watch it and reduce its priority to something else when it starts using too much of the cpu?
-mouser (August 12, 2010, 06:39 PM)
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And, also, the original post in this thread defined the bug that this thread is about as (my words):

He used ProcessTamer to force Notepad to Below Normal. Then ProcessTamer lowered its priority due to very heavy usage. Then ProcessTamer raised its priority back to Below Normal when the abnormality cleared up.

And, then the bug, ProcessTamer kept raising the priority forever.

That's why I thought it was established that forcing priority only set a high limit and ProcessTamer would lower it as needed for CPU Smoothing.

Thanks -- Vincent

good points.. i guess i have to dive back into process tamer for a bit and see what i can find.

Hello mouser & Kruskal

He used ProcessTamer to force Notepad to Below Normal
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No that wasn't the case. I didn't use PT to force any priority.
I used other utility (Process Explorer) to change the notepad priority to Below Normal.
The bug explained in this thread is not related to the FORCE rules of PT.

As explained PT misbehave processes with the "below normal" , "above normal" and "real time" priorities. in that mean it doesn't restore them to their previous original priority But instead PT increased the priority to "Normal" and after a while to "high" priority continuously.
My first post demonstrate it visually.

This bug was exposed more than three years ago (on Feb 2007). I hope it will finally be fixed (it's about time .....  am i wrong?)


you are not wrong.. i shall try.

Russ V:
shmate:  i'm not sure if this applies but i use notepad++ to open large text files.   100 meg +


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