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Firewalls - please, i can't be bothered.

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perhaps it means to simply register, i.e. provide details of yourself but it doesn't require any other payment???

ahh yes you're right, registration is free:

i saw this in the help file i thought i wasnt  :-[: PC Tools Firewall Plus is available as a free and fully-functional 30-day trial. After this time, you are required to register the product to continue using it.

ghostwall was a little to minimal for my liking.

at the moment i've got 'PC Tools Firewall Plus' installed. so far, i like it.

it asks me if a program can connect, yes/no and remember. seems to work perfectly well.

you do have to register with a name and a genuine email so that you can receive the key that allows it to run after 30 days trial. other than that it's all free.

i've not tried doing anything advanced with it. well, when i say advanced i simply mean using shared folders on my computers - so i don't know if i'll have to manually change a few settings for that to work.

it was too good to be true. pc tools firewall plus is kind of getting in the way of me sharing files between machines - regardless of putting the same kind of rules in to it that worked fine with zone alarm.

this is madness.

Even if outdated, I still find the old Sygate Personal Firewall Ok for basic use.

Also, sharing files and printers works OK.

The upgraded version of this firewall exists as part of V-com SystemSuite.  Unfortunately, this updated FW doesn't like at all the most recent version of CA Antivirus, so I had to find another solution. SPF was this solution.


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