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DONE: WinWarden - monitor windows and resize (and reposition) them

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I like the roll-up-when-not-inside feature that is in the ini as an example. I reduced the width of the outside-state caption to a few hundred, instead of the full width, so that you can have them stacked on the left side of the screen, and when you hover, it pops up. I'd like to have the same happen as expected at all screen edges which means that it rolls up instead of down for captions placed on the bottom edge, and on the right edge ... etc.

It's a great feature but I ran into a snag. Is it possible to make it work as you'd expect it to with e.g. Notepad? When you open a Find dialog, the Notepad window underneath, not having the cursor on it, rolls up, which it obviously shouldn't. Can you do "don't roll up if the window is active even if the cursor leaves it but only if clicked outside"? That would make sense.

How do I increase the delay after which it rolls up when the cursor has left the window?

I love this little handy program but it's now taking about 4% of my CPU in Windows 8.1 64-bit Pro.  I just wrote a batch that will taskkill it after two minutes, since I just use it to set my startup windows and don't need it after.  I'm just writing to try and inspire an update.  With the deeper configuration possibilities than the other One-Hour's this program gets my vote for high priority.  Thanks again.


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