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DONE: WinWarden - monitor windows and resize (and reposition) them

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 :) Just download and install AutoHotkey from

Copy and paste the above script to Notepad, and save it as WinWait.ahk (to make shure it is saved with the proper suffix, enclose the name in "s, like in "WinWait.ahk", in Notepad's save dialog).

Just doubleclick on the saved file to run it. Welcome to the wonderful new world of AutoHotkey!


I was looking for something almost exactly like this, see WinWarden does almost want I want but there's some big glitches that I don't think I can live with.

I've got these two lines at the bottom of my INI file:

Creating    , *  ,,,,50%,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Maximizing  , *  ,,,,50%,   ,50%    ,,,,, ,,,,,,,Restore,

The intent is to prevent new windows from straddling the gap between my two monitors on a single large virtual display. I thought that whenever a new window is created, I'd move it just to the right of the edge, and whenever something is maximized, I'd make it cover the entire right half.

The big problem is that the "*" looks at literally every window. I don't see that it's ever useful to look at windows except those that have no parent. As it is, whenever I pull down a menu in certain programs, WinWarden grabs the menu window and moves it.

Secondly, it uses 100% CPU -- except when Firefox is running. WinWarden and Firefox seem to have a real personality clash. When they're both running, they seem to together share hogging the whole CPU.

Not knowing the AHK environment, is there anything that can be done to help these difficulties?

hmm.. just noticed this post.. CWuestefeld, i think you need a solution that encompasses the whole desktop instead of a windows-specific program like WinWarden.

so i'd like to suggest jgpaiva's GridMove. btw, it also support multi-monitor.. :)

GridMove in action

I'd like to make a feature request for an addition to WinWarden.

I'd like to block the minimize feature of specified windows on creation.

Can this be added? Am I missing a current option which will allow me to do this already?

I answered your request in your other thread here:


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