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DONE: WinWarden - monitor windows and resize (and reposition) them

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lanux128 said "i was hoping that maybe someone in this forum can create a similar software because my hunt for such a software on the internet has proved futile. there is one software that comes close but it can only maximize the windows not resize to a certain size. Here is the link: AutoSizer"

Actually, AutoSizer is now version 1.61 and you can set it to resize windows according to class. So once you have it set, any new folder will open using the dimensions you choose, not the default used in XP.

that's good to hear, Nighted. but i'm very happy with WinWarden & it's engine - Autohotkey.. ;)

would any of these progs help me problem is yahoo messenger this is the only window i have a problem with no matter what i try it still opens offset ive dragged it to fit maximised minimised but still it opens up offset any help greatly appreciated

 :) Using AutoHotkey you could try this script:

--- ---;WinMove.ahk
WinWait, title_of_yahoo_messenger
Sleep, 1000
WinMove, title_of_yahoo_messenger, , 100, 100
It waits for yahoo messenger to appear (change it to match the windows' title),
waits a second for it to settle down (you may have to wait longer),
moves the window to 100x100.


Sorry but how do i use the script im new to all this sort of thing


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