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Managing Favourites

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I use LookSmart's Furl too.
The Firefox extension make it very handy to use.
-Mark0 (October 23, 2005, 09:02 AM)
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So this works for IE and Firefox, right?
I thought about using some service like that, I don't like to store them locally anymore.

-brotherS (October 23, 2005, 03:48 PM)
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On the subject of not liking to store bookmarks locally, I would like to add that Powermarks also has a free web storage of bookmarks feature called NetSync.

Do note that it's not a social bookmarking service kind of thing. I myself has not used it because I prefer to keep them on the local computer.

Below is an extract from

6.1 Introduction

NetSync allows Powermarks to communicate with the Kaylon NetSync server to store bookmark collections on the Internet. This allows you to backup bookmarks and synchronize collections from various locations, such as work and home, and access bookmarks from any computer.

NetSync is safe and secure in addition to being completely private. We derive absolutely no data from this service or its usage, it is provided strictly as a feature and convenience for Powermarks users. Best of all, it is FREE for all Powermarks users, even if you are just evaluating the software.

The really indispensible part of Powermarks is that you can be surfing along on any site and if they strike your fancy, you click the Powermarks Add Button (or press a definable hot key), add any comments you like on top of any key words and details that is automatically extracted from the site, add a site rating if you like (which is color coded by rank) and whoosh you can be on your way....until 2 months later, you vaguely remember visiting a site that mention something that you like, but you cannot for the life of you remember any other details except that you also remember it had something to do with a mention by mouser and donationcoder which you of course key in as a comment

You just enter "mouser donationcoder" and the search is an instantaneous search (literally less than a second - as fast as you can type - wish I can catch a screen video of it in action) of my thousands of bookmarks (5538 to be exact) , narrowing down as you type each letter, (just exactly like in Find and Run Robot type of search). Click the url and whoosh, you are back where you want - not in heaven, but still exactly where you want.

It's been a life saver for me many times over the years, you know as we all get older and our powers of memory retention and retrieval gets less !

The interface is clean and elegant - flat screen like, and very effective. I have yet to see any like it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this.

I think other users of Powermarks can attest to what I'm saying.

After discovering that they have a fix for Firefox, I'm no longer looking for an alternative, simply because there's no need for an alternative and besides, I can find no others like it.  In fact, one can more than easily live with it as is even if there is no further updates.

Someday, when I can find the time, I might just convince myself to do a mini-review so you can watch it in action and give it its due justice.

great post patteoks,
this ability to quickly add a bookmark with comments and keywords from the browser itself sounds like exactly the right way things shoud be done.

I use LookSmart's Furl too.
The Firefox extension make it very handy to use.
-Mark0 (October 23, 2005, 09:02 AM)
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Hmm, I just wanted to look into it again and search for a "guided tour" but now the page won't even load!?  :o

Strange, loads OK for me (tryied just now).


A little update for those who have upgraded to Firefox 1.5 and also using Powermaks.

Powermarks just indicated on their website that they expect to release an update by Dec 9, 2005 so that it will work with Firefox 1.5.


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