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Managing Favourites

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Thanks for the suggestions and comments on using spurl with Maxton.  I'll give it a whirl when I get a chance.

i'll have to try - i imagine it's a similar thing to spurl???
-nudone (December 07, 2005, 04:17 PM)
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LinkStash is a windows client application similar to some of the other favorites managers.  I found it used less resources than some of the alternatives, had a reasonable UI, and generally liked the way the search works.   Also, it has good import/export features: IE/Firefox/Opera/HTML.

One thing that keeps me from really liking LinkStash is when I want to bookmark the Maxthon tab I am looking at.  If I have multiple tabs open and I want to save the current one, I have to click a drop down to unselect all the tabs, then scroll through the listing window (which resizes to an odd size on my setup) and select it.  Granted, maybe there is a workaround that I don't know of.

By the way to get LinkStash to work with Maxthon:
Tools -> Options -> Browser...Set preferred browser to NetCaptor and  then point the NetCaptor browser option to the maxthon.exe

Regarding browsers, I ran a test the other day comparing Maxthon 1.5, Opera 8.1, and Firefox 1.5.  Firefox used about 120MB of ram while running half the tabs as Maxthon.  Maxthon used around 30MB and Opera was somewhere in the middle.  If I understand, Maxthon may utilize the explorer.exe process but even combined, the usage was much lower.  Maxthon with it's adblocking + my recently acquired-at-a-discount (Thanks DCC) Admuncher pretty much take care of any unwanted ads.  Also, I notice the latest version of Maxthon has an integrated beta online bookmarking tool (donation req'd.) that seems interesting.

as i understand it there is currently heated discussion going on over the memory use of firefox, and i think people are trying to address it.


Scot has some notes on the ressource problem in Firefox
Best to stick with 1.0.7 as he stated (for now).

Bookmarks search speed is also one strong point in Firefox (and Opera which is more accurate IMO).

A handy tool to make sure all your bookmarks are still "alive" is to get AMDeadlink freeware.  You can have it insert those small colourful icons to your bookmarks too!   


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