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Managing Favourites

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A lot of Firefox extensions have broken with FF 1.5. A sad state of affairs. See this thread:

If you are interesting in managing bookmarks I suggest you have a look at Surfulater. Surfulater lets you save web page content, edit it, cross reference, add notes, search etc. as well as acting like a bookmark manager. Web sites and pages come and go, so for any important information you are far better to save it permanently to your PC, which is what Surfulater is all about.

Read more at: and see the Surfulater special offer here at DC:

Surfulater works with Firefox 1.5 and earlier, IE6 and IE based Browsers.

A little update for those who have upgraded to Firefox 1.5 and also using Powermaks.

Powermarks just indicated on their website that they expect to release an update by Dec 9, 2005 so that it will work with Firefox 1.5.

-patteoks (December 06, 2005, 04:57 AM)
--- End quote ---

In his "smallwares" list, MarkTAW notes that he used to use Powermarks, but now uses a Wiki instead:

but keeping annotated bookmarks on your own PC (and preferably on something you can carry about on a USB stick) is still very appealing.

I have evaluated some of the favorites tools listed here as well as Linkstash, which I don't think was mentioned here:

This one seemed to fit most of my  needs, once I figured out how to get it to work with Maxthon.  However, I really think this category of application is best suited for an online tool.  It is a real inconvenience trying to sync favorites amongst different computers.  An online service solves the synching issues and should allow all platforms and browsers to work.

Has anyone gone through the various online bookmark managers?

Here are some I found via Google:

The wiki idea sounds interesting but I have no experience implementing a wiki solution so I don't know what sort of effort is involved.

There's also but i find it has problems with keeping foreign accents.

So far i tend to prefer because of the sidebar tab making bookmarks readily available in Firefox along with the Spurl button to add any new ones. These links work with IE and Opera as well.  The sidebar one is rather easy to install for Maxthon but the one to add new bookmarks is still in the works (for Maxthon).  There are many other features that take a bit of time to discover, like the link to WebArchive repository of the Internet.

 Their forum has been down for about three weeks now.  They were recently hacked.    :o

can't honestly remember what i've tried (sorry) but i'm using 'spurl' at the moment as i want to access the same favorites from my place of work as i do when at home.

with a bit of messing about you can have spurl running with maxthon so that it appears down the left-hand side of your browser (it should work with internet explorer without the faffing about).

spurl allows you to attach comments/notes to the individual links and it is meant to be fast for searching through (i've no compliants). you also have access to your favorites from anywhere you can get online by using the spurl homepage so that's also a plus.

the main thing for me is that it works with maxthon and it's actually inside the browse - just a right click on the page you are viewing and you can 'spurl' it.

i'll have to try - i imagine it's a similar thing to spurl???


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