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Managing Favourites

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Nudone, thanks for bringing up that "right click" bit about Spurl.
I'll have to try Maxthon again.
Do prefer Firefox over Max and Opera for excellent Adblocking (extension readily available).

at some point, dan, i'm going to have to try firefox properly - with the right extensions.

i'll perhaps have to do this but i'll offer it up for anyone else that is willing - how about a review comparing the abilities of maxthon and firefox?

okay, i'm sure firefox has more extensions - but maxthon has quite a few 'extra' features straight out of the box.

any other maxthon users around here (i remember Carol being a fan)?

Maxthon rocks. I cannot believe I put up with plain ole IE for so long.

Maxthon fan? More like worshiper! ...and Maxthon has plenty of Plug-ins, but I'm just not that type of guy ;)  I would also have to say maxthon did a stellar job of blocking ads for me, even before i added ad muncher to the mix.

Maxthon plug-Ins -

I just don't have the patience to chase down extensions for Firefox (and then again every time the version changes wait for updates) to make it what i want it to be.  Plus by the time I have the 10-12 extensions that make me somewhat happy the browser has slowed down & taken up too many resources for me.  But I'm not hating on it, I still use it from time to time. Opera isn't capable of what I'm looking for (Roboform support & more customizable toolbars).....yet.

glad to hear it guys.

what with all the talk of firefox recently i was beginning to wonder if i was deluding myself.


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