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Newest version with new license keys - version 1.02.05

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the big news here is that the License Key page is now online!!!! ->
(new version required to use these new keys)

go to that page and just follow instructions - if you are a full member it will present you with a deluxe universal key immediately.
otherwise you have some other choices.

i'm dying to hear if anyone has any troubles with this before i go public with it.

Well, I was very pleased with version  :) and then I downloaded this 1.02.05.

I found some problems with 1.02.05 (see further down), and I wondered if it would be solved with a freeware license key.
I went through the whole process  ;) , did Ctrl-C on that incredibly long key, opened About box, copied it and clicked "Accept".
The About box displayed again, and stayed frozen >:( . During 5 minutes it gobbled my processing power and I couldn't Dismiss the window. I began to write this message, but then I saw the right edge of a small window lurking under the about box: I could just  click on the edge of the close icon (X) ! Now it works again, but is this the normal process ?

In fact my original problem is still here : Panel Save Copy of Image As...
- The preview button does not work (used to work in
- The Advanced button does not work (used to work in
These two features were very valuable to optimize the weight of the image file. If I can't get them, I reload my copy of .

my apologies - i probably should have gone slower updating all of the programs, there seem to be a few issues.
let me try to fix them today if you can wait a few hours i will try to get it updated.

you're right the advanced button on save as is not having any effect.  i will try to fix this right now.

i've found the problem with the dialog boxes covering each other and will upload a new version as soon as i determine how quickly i can fix the advanced save as box.

new version uploaded.

See release page for download or direct download here:

v1.02.06 - 8/26/05
 · bugfix - license dialog sometimes locked up due to another modal form being on top of it (thank you bill gates) 
 · bugfix - advanced options in save dialog were not working.   


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