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FARR Occasional Hangs

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I have been using FARR full day for the last 2 days and it really has not been acting up good.
this is what happens...

- hit alt+z to bring it up
- type any letter (or hit any key e.g. backspace)
- hangs for 30-40 seconds. No disk activity. Can't type or respond to hotkey
- results are showen

- same things happens on new searches.
- If I disable incremental searches, I can type but hitting enter would make it hang again.
- disabling/enabling skins made no difference.
- I did not see CPU high usage when it hung.
- Bouncing FARR makes no difference. Still hangs
- I do not see memory usage, IO reads/writes change in taskmgr for FARR

- looks like it is somehow related to the actual search behavior because other operations on FARR are not affected such as getting in/out of options menu, adding aliases, and so forth.
- also it works fine when type an alias. I see the results just fine (no delay)

Any ideas?

this is version 2 alpha right?

can you explain if this is new behavior or always does this or just recently started doing this.  does it do it every time?

Only saw it last 2 days. I really can not attribute this to any specific event on my machine. I rebooted it and FARR is nice to me now. I will try to observe FARR more closely if this happens again.

On a different subject, however,
is there a way to have FARR run using a higher process priority. Other apps had this as an option.

sorry, this is 20046.

i've never had farr v1 hang on me, but i have once seen the behavior you describe in v2.  i will try to track it down - right now i'm just getting plugins finished so you may have to remind me.  anyone else experienceing this please keep your powder try and let me keep working on v2 before we start a long thread on this.


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