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FindAndRunRobot.exe with tray icon?

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Thanks for this excellent and useful piece of software.

I have a small suggestions to make:

You might want to mention somewhere in the Help file that the "-tray" command line parameter launches the main program (FindAndRunRobot.exe) in tray mode.

I say this because I chose to install the program without the Start menu shortcuts, and FindAndRunRobot.exe exited each time I executed any program in the search list.  This left me wondering what might be going wrong, until I finally discovered (after reinstalling with the Start menu shortcuts) the Start menu item which uses the "-tray" parameter, and keeps the program running in Tray mode in the background.


good idea mario, i will add this to the help file in the next relase.

Thanks for the quick reply, Mouser.

Another minor thing which I think you can fix easily :
On the "Configuration" tab of the Options window, all items except "Stop search exact alias match" show help text on the status bar when the mouse is hovered over them.

thanks again, will be fixed in next release.

i really love these bug reports, can't tell you guys how much they help me  :-*
going to have to add some new smilies to express my appreciation  :-[

Another quick report... wont say whether its me being stupid or a bug just yet!  I saved my configuration to another file (kevin.ini).  Now, everytime I exit FindRun and restart the program, my settings are all reset.  Even after I reload the new ini file my search folders still dont update until I try to create a new entry in the list.  Is this me?  Thanks,



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