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IDEA: Send a window to the Next or Previous Monitor in the same position.

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Oh it worked just fine!  I just didn't know if worked the other way around.  I probably butchered your code but I was just trying to write it so that I could understand what it was doing.
-artis (February 16, 2007, 01:09 PM)
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;D ;D ;D Ok, no problem!! I was just wondering since i can't test it ;)

jgpaiva, I keep finding your scripts to be ones I can't live without.
artis, your work on this was nice as well.

I took the scripts you two wrote and rewrote them, with some new ideas in mind.
My version purely uses monitor numbers, so those with unique setups will appreciate it,
and it also works with more than 2 monitors.

Ctrl-Alt-Keypad+ moves the window to the next highest number
Ctrl-Alt-Keypad- moves the window to the next lowest number

This is actually the first thing I have written using AHK, its flexibility is pretty amazing.


Good idea, mmdoogie! Having 2 hotkeys allows the program to work even when the person has more than 2 screens, good point ;)
I guess i'll have to give it a go when i have my second monitor  :Thmbsup:

mmdoogie... AWESOME!  :Thmbsup:

I was thinking that adjustments like what you did would complete the script while I was working on it.  But I didn't have the skill to pull it off.  Plus I got it working well on my configuration and didn't have much incentive to go very far beyond.  :-[

I'm glad to see you used the midpoint calculations for determining which monitor the window is on.  This is one of my favorite features because I like to "hang" windows off the edges of the monitor.

And it sure does help us new AHKers to stand on the shoulders of GIANTS! (jgpaiva)

Thanks to both of you.

cool script! i can't believe i just found this.. :up:


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