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Interesting: Tag2Find, Tagging for All Filetypes for Windows

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DOpus does not even has any column for standard ADS (tags like title, subject, author and so on). Ironically, it is aware of tags in MP3 files ... sigh!
-tslim (June 27, 2007, 03:30 PM)
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I think you will find the column under description. And you can copy it too with Dopus which makes it very useful when moving files with ADS. (I think we are talking about the same thing)

In Dopus, go to Settings, Preferences, File Operations, Copy Files (Depending on Which Version of Dopus) look for a setting to enable Copy NTFS File properties (comments, keywords)

Also read in the Dopus forums - you should be able to find something there

Anyone tried HobComment?

Review at:

But I'm not sure about searching, though...

'vista glance' by Konstantin Artemev supports tagging of any file. it's a bit like 'find and run robot'.

the tagging feature isn't perfect in that it's easy to break the tagging association by simply moving the file to a different location using explorer (maybe this will be fixed in an update).

here's the link:
-nudone (February 14, 2007, 01:48 AM)
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Tag2find uses a more appropriate way of tagging. Links don't get broken.

tag2find looks good but I was at work when I tried it and my work computer's filesystems are FAT, and tag2find doesn't support that. So I tried tagg, and it seems to work fine with FAT filesystems  ;D

Guess I'll try tag2find on my box at home.
-mitzevo (June 20, 2007, 04:30 AM)
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tagg2find will most probably be able to work on Fat32 soon. Have a look at their forum and blog.
I also have some posts there.

Tag2find works really well. If only it was already more integrated with other existing desktop search software and explorer. The next version will.

I, like several others, posted about tags in several places in he DC Forum


mm, very interesting stuff.. this vistaglance looks good.

tag2find also sounds like it is coming along nicely..

I recently read about FastCopy in the other thread about TeraCopy. FC has an option to enable copying alternate  streams (NTFS). Researching what this means, NTFS can store additional data which can be extracted only by a few windows commands (it's not backwards compatible). commandline Copy and echo support this, so do third party tools. However Explorer's copy does not (meaning if you copy or move the file, the data is lost -- maybe vista does this better?).

This might be the possible reason why these kind of programs work like they do, if they indeed use these alternate data streams. :)
-justice (June 20, 2007, 05:01 AM)
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Justice : you're mentionning "alternate data streams" in relation to tagging/tag2finf, etc.?
Tag2find actually uses data streams + a database, and is able to keep track of filename changes, move, folder changes, etc.
We do not really make a very big secret out of how our tags are stored: at the moment they are stored in two locations: a system-wide tag-database (SQLite) and attached as Alternate Data Stream to the file itself (which is the reason why we can only support NTFS at the moment). Tags can be recovered from backup or the NTFS Alternate Data Stream in case the central database corrupts (which is highly unlikely). Alternate Data Streams are copied together with a file by Windows Explorer, as long as the target volume supports them.

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A service is also constantly running in the background.


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