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Interesting: Tag2Find, Tagging for All Filetypes for Windows

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Sounds robust, when I find a need for tagging I'll definately have a closer look :)

Sounds robust, when I find a need for tagging I'll definately have a closer look :)
-justice (July 10, 2007, 03:01 AM)
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I've installed/uninstalled it a few times : I'm just following the feature/performance/ui progression right now.

A "new generation" is coming soon with some very very nice additions/changes. I'm waiting before I commit anything to it...

I predict that it's going to be a really good tagging solution. The developpers are very active, nice, listen to feedback, and are not willing to lock users into some kind of ugly proprietary system in which tags would be... emprisonned. (?)

I guess the issue I am having is when would you want to use tags?
There are photo organisation programs that I use already to adjust photos, my music player manages my collection etc.
If I have a series of different files that belong together, they probably belong under a project.
I think if files are related but not as directly to belong to a common folder, it might be useful.  But when is that the case?
When would I want to use tagging?

Filing things in folder is an incredibly time consuming thing - decide you want to change or split a particular project and suddenly you are moving things, dragging things. Constantly rearranging things. And if an item belongs to multiple categories or projects then you suddenly have a hassle.

I found my email handling became faster and easier when I switched to opera mail where you can use virtual folders based on canned searches, or setting an email to a "tag" by dragging it to a virtual folder with that tag etc.

I do the same with my professional email in outlook, using tags and having all my processed mail in a processed mail folder, then grouped by tags. Or you can use virtual folders as well.

I also switched my images from a topical tree to a simple date tree, and spent some time tagging. Now I use metainformation to find the ones about an event, trip, subject, style etc. and it is all a lot more convenient.

All of these work a lot better for me than organising by folders - the folders are now simply use as archive containers based on a processed/date system and I dont need to waste time doing this. It has saved me a lot of time and I feel a lot more organised - able to pick out an email from 3 months ago about a particular topic in a minute without even having to do a search - just by opening the list corresponding to the tag I know it will have.

I think I would love to do the same with my music files, and in the end all other files - PDFs, documents etc.

I do wonder if some of the PDF/document management tools like Paperport or Presto!PageManager will start to have tags - I have an old version of each...


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