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Interesting: Tag2Find, Tagging for All Filetypes for Windows

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 My newfound interest in Web 2.0 has awoken another interest:  tagging.  I'm not entirely convinced that tagging can, or should, completely replace hierarchical organization, but it certainly has advantages over traditional methods of file organization.  At first I was less-than-impressed with tagging due, in part, to the fact that I mistakenly associated it with social networking (like <a href="">Digg</a>), which I continue to have misgivings about.  I slowly began to experiment with tagging, and I eventually chose to use <a href="">BlinkList</a> as a bookmark repository, primarily for their tagging capability (although I think I've really only scratched the surface of BlinkLists's capabilities...).  I've really enjoyed using BlinkList:  tagging is much more freeform than hierarchical organization and therefore simpler to work with (in my case, at least).  Don't get me wrong, I still feel the urge to organize things hierarchically, but that urge has faded significantly.  I'm still keeping an eye on <a href="">Yahoo's Beta Bookmarks</a>, which has excellent features, not the lest of which is both tagging and traditional organization, both working together seamlessly.  Anyway, on to the real subject of this post:  I began to realize that tagging would have great implications for filtering/searching files across a file system.  I searched for, but was unable to find a utility that would do such a thing.  In the course of my studies I discovered that Vista incorporates some tagging, but only for certain filetypes.  I've also read that a Mac OS incorporates tagging, but Im not sure to what extent.  Then I discovered <a href="">Tag2Find</a>, and I've signed up for the 'Technical Preview" (but haven't been approved yet).  Apparently Tag2Find is the first tagging utilty for all file types on windows file systems.  I'm really excited about this utility, and I look forward to taking it for a test drive.  I knew that my fellow software geeks at DC would want in on the action too, thus my post.

I'll post impressions in the review section after I have a chance to play around with it for a few days (not sure when I'll be approved for testing, so the review might not be for a week or two)

'vista glance' by Konstantin Artemev supports tagging of any file. it's a bit like 'find and run robot'.

the tagging feature isn't perfect in that it's easy to break the tagging association by simply moving the file to a different location using explorer (maybe this will be fixed in an update).

here's the link:

Sounds great

I checked out a program called Tagg which looks interesting. I think you can tag anything with it on your harddisk.

So what's happening guys? Any more insights on tagging files? What about those impressions XMinus1?


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