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Free PDF tools review?

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Having just mentioned the Iceni editor, it occurs to me that thread title includes the word "free:" is that going to be exclusive?

I've seen complaints that Adobe has become massive, slow and fills up the registry.
There are a lot of PDF reader/creator/editors available....
It would be nice to see a review of features/stability/speed etc.

For those that need to create PDF's, but don't require editting ability,
OpenOffice (freeware) converts documents to PDF:

try Foxit pdf reader it reads pdf files, and it is pretty good.

There is a big void in the segment of pdf READERS.
I simply want to read a pdf off the screen, and maybe mark (highlight) some sections, and add notes.

I don't need the entire enchilada that Acrobat is. However, I have to use acrobat, because no other program can do that.

Foxit comes close, but has no undo, the highlighter doesn't get the block correctly when the doc is a two-column doc, and the user interface is pitiful. No way to have all docs in the same window instead of the taskbar, for example.

Plus most docs look better in adobe.

When is adobe going to release a cheap version of acrobat that does only the few things that I mentioned (which is what most academics need, BTW)? We don't need all the pro features.

Jaws [PDF Creator and Editor] software is chearp, solid and reliable. ..... I haven't seen updates at Jaws which address all the growing options in the PDF format.

If you simply want to create PDF files and edit them, Jaws is well worth a look. If you want to edit files from other sources then you may need to look elsewhere. (Actually just been to their website and note that new versions are due out soon. For the new version of PDF Creator see the press release at which is the enterprise version but new consumer versions of Creator and Editor are due soon and will be free upgrades if you purchase current versions now. See for details of upgrading.)-Carol Haynes (September 06, 2005, 04:13 AM)
--- End quote ---

Now at JAWs 4.1 - anyone tried it out?

I'm thinking of getting it cause I need something to create press ready PDFs - going to install trial today


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