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Why AJAX is Preferred for RIAs over Java

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Here's an informative discussion of why AJAX is preferred for this issue.

Several of Bruce Tate’s books focused on the flaws in Java and the need to let go of some of the ideas that haven’t worked out. And blogs like this and this have been appearing more frequently. And of course there’s Steve Jobs now-famous quote (referring to the iPhone): “Java’s not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It’s this big heavyweight ball and chain.”
This backlash has only been necessary because of Sun’s death grip on the idea of ubiquitous, omniscient Java. It was admirable once, but a language only evolves if its designers and advocates can acknowledge problems. Pretending that a language is successful in places where it’s not is just denial.
Some adaptations have occurred. Finally admitting that EJBs have cost the world enormously, the EJB3 team...

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This is actually a nice long interesting articles on some of the shortcomings of Java and why it didnt take over the web like many expected.

ps. RIA stands for "Rich Internet Applications"

The article recommends Flex:

Hmm, very convincing. Downloading flex now...

SUN made many mistakes - imho one of them was to force MS to remove their JVM from Windows, especially since they couldn't produce one that was as fast and lightweight.


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