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Any ideas for a small contest to give away a copy or two of Borland Dev. Studio?

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I had a thought but I don't know if it was a good probably isn't.

Instead of a prize for a contest, make it a reward for a job well done...

To the first person that completes all assignments from the programming school in all languages covered by BDS 2006.

But then I had the thought that it might not be such a good idea because by the time that happens, it might be kind of old...almost equal to giving away a copy of Delphi 6 or 7.

Another thought would be that people that already know what they are doing would just bang out the assignments and it would turn into a race just to get the reward and it wouldn't go to someone that really got something out of it and learned a lot from the experience.

Like I said...probably not a good idea.  :-\

Project Process-bouncer:

The police in germany wants to create a trojan-prog to sniff around in everybody´s Computers. Perhaps a Process-Checker, that´s controlling all processes and gives alarm if illegal processes are starting? The user could decide which processes are ok and which should be alarmed or stopped. This would be something useful - the best prog with best/most features wins. For fairness using code of already started programs is not allowed (as example the code of Process Tamer).

Crush said:The police in germany wants to create a trojan-prog to sniff around in everybody´s Computers.
--- End quote ---
Great jumping turnips!!
What is the world coming to?
If true, surely this can be prevented.
Next it'll be 3 a.m. visits to your house by men in leather coats...

There´are so many things existing the most people don´t know:
The police has Handy-Backdoors that can transform your Handies into microphones (without turning on the screen if in turned-off-mode).
Windows Vista is able to turn on/off features without your permission via DRM. One keypress could turn off all Vista-Computers on the world that are connected to the net!
Google is working together with firms like Microsoft and government for analizing data: I don´t use google-apps & freeware since I know this.
Project echelon will get the biggest big brother I can imagine.
 :o ... the actual developments are frightening ...  :o


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