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Any ideas for a small contest to give away a copy or two of Borland Dev. Studio?

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Silly me, of course!

What can a FARR plugin do? COuldn't find anything about plugins in the current version help. Mouser, could I try the latest dev release? I'd like to make a suggestion or two, mostly regarding the UI, but don't want to speak about a version that's going to become obsoleted soon.

im still finalizing what the plugins will be able to do and hope to have an api in about a week.  they will be able to do several things - suggest results, affect scoring, take over actions on results, and even use the output window for arbitrary display of info.

Plugins should have access to the internal result buffers to read / add / remove entries. So they could do something with the found / started results.

ok let's not make this a thread about farr plugins - there will be plenty of time to do that in farr section when the api comes out and is debated.  :huh:

let's keep this thread for other ideas for giving away a copy of bds.


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