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Non-stop refreshing

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Here's the file.

Tell me if you need anything else.

still persistent, mouser.. to reproduce the problem, try doing this: create a folder & put inside it about 200 files, mixed with images & other file-types then set that folder as the default folder in SC's option dialog.. because that's what is happening at my system. :)

I love Screenshot Captor but the refresh problem is a real pain and the latest release (23.22.01) does the same !
Done an un-install/delete folder then re-install and still present. Points to note

1) Yes, I use a non-standard folder for my files
2) No, it only has capture files (.png) and the objects files (.png.objects)

I note the program help is out of date on General Settings - refers to 'Prevent pageouts' which seems to be relate but helps screenshot is missing tabs and fields. Oh well, keeping program documentation and manuals up to date is a pain.


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