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Poss minor bug in JrDebug::ParseCommandlineArgString - version 1.01.18


Been using this version, and had a problem where quoted strings were in the command line - the inquote variable never gets set false basically.

The following fix seems to work

at line 60 in my copy, I have the def of the function:

bool JrDebug::ParseCommandlineArgString(const char* commandlinestr,char *arg0,bool &foundcommandlineargs)

then from line 104:

      else if ((c==34 && inquote==true) || (inquote==false && c==32) || c==0)

The new line surrounded by marker just to reset inquote flag once quoted arg is stored

-- Rob

Great find, Rob, you're right - it's definitely needed.

Updating my version and i'll credit you in the release notes for next release :)

You're welcome - and thanks

To be honest, I'm more of a Java programmer these days. My C++ is very rusty - JrDebug has been a big help to me untangling the rubbish code I've been writing!

- Rob


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