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IDEA: CD-RW/DVD-RW emulated drive?

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that's a really good point.. yeah it would be nice to have such a virtual cd/dvd burner.. if anyone finds one i'd like to know too.

Don't know if this might help but dbpoweramp will convert .aa files to whatever you want, then you could squeeze several cd's worth onto a single (providing your player will play them).
dbpoweramp is a class leading application in it's own right anyway.

Carol Haynes:
Thanks for that I will give it a try.

Actually I have been fiddling with it and it seems to work.

Interestingly once you have installed their codec you can play .aa files in Windows Media Player without the Audible plugin!

The other odd thing is that if you play .aa files in Windows Media Player they 'remember' their last played position (which can be useful) but oddly if you try and convert a file that has been played it only converst from the 'remembered' position to the end ???

Weird or what ...


Carol, it looks like a virtual cd/dvd writer actually has emerged. I noticed this app as I was reading the news and kinda remembered this old thread

H+H software has announced what it claims to be the world's first virtual recorder that handles every optical media format....
--- End quote ---

Interesting find.  There's also VirtualCD which claims to support a virtual CD/DVD burner function and it has been avaiable for a while (though I have not tried it):

However, it does not claim to be able to support BlueRay or DVD-HD.


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