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Dinosaur strikes back! New Mobysaurus site launched on DonationCoder

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I love this new site so much and I think it looks much better than the program's namesake site. :D :D

In addition to the beautiful DC theme, now any user can look for useful information related to this program on our newly launched Help Desk:

And if you like, it's easy to join our IRC chat and let us help you, just click on the 'Live Chat' link on the left of the page:

Special Thanks to

nudone, for designing this wonderful DC theme  :Thmbsup:

jgpaiva and mouser, for offering me advice on site design and scripting

LOVE IT!!!!!!!  :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

I still think the banner could use some dinoauring up.. maybe put the dinosaur on the global and go from blue tint to green tint?

if you wanted the suggestions done that mouser makes above then i can edit the top banner accordingly. as for thanking me for creating the theme - thanks, but i didn't do it. i just created the images with cody on them, mouser has put everything else together.

back to the banner - i think a green instead of blue background would work well - especially if the dinosaur is put over on the globe.

Maybe the dinosaur should be smaller than cody and on a leash next to cody (on his right hand side) like his pet?

oh and another things - maybe the actual text of the banner should say
 for the voraciously wordy"

instead of

 for software connoisseurs"

it's important that the page be recognizable as part of the dc family but there is no reason we can't have some fun :)


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