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free, small, fast uninstaller replacement

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I found the "Old New Thing" article f0dder mentioned:

--- End quote ---

Uh-oh, Spain is in problems :)

Seems that things improved during the last 3 years. I've just launched the applet, and it took a few seconds to show everything, including all the updates. The adoption of MSI installers on big companies part, and the use of NSIS and Inno Setup on small developers side sure helped.

It should be noted that around 90% of my software is still not installed, though ;)

Great finds.  :Thmbsup:

I agree a "date of install" column would be good to have.

Does any of these tools allow "keyboard sorting". That is, start typing and it jumps to the matching entry. So typing "ner" might jump you to Nero.
edit: yes, Safarp does that. It has live search too!  :Thmbsup:

Another free, quick uninstaller is built into the anti-spyware tool HiJackThis (in the section "Misc Tools"). But I can't find a way to start that section directly without going through the menus, so that's a drawback (still faster than waiting for windows default installer though  :))


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