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free, small, fast uninstaller replacement

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Good question :)

Wait, there's this Process Monitor thing... but I'm feeling very lazy to use it right now ;D

But it seems that Safarp does the same, judging by Nighted's screenshot. Does it use a different method?
-Lashiec (July 03, 2007, 06:54 PM)
--- End quote ---

I think it does half of what ARP does.

I found the "Old New Thing" article f0dder mentioned:

So, I'm guessing that the info that safarp displays is simply read from the registry, and apps that don't have that info in the registry don't get that info displayed at all (which is how the ARP applet should act, IMO).

It's quite amazing the lengths that ARP goes through to get information that is more or less completely unreliable.

imho, safarp isn't bad at all though it lacks few handy and must have options like jumping to registry uninstall key, explore installed programs folder and ability to launch windows components wizard..but since the program is open source, i hope someone here will download its source and add those ideas to the program..

@cdblu: try My Uninstall  8)
I use My Uninstall right now, i has usefull features which I need : Browse Installation Folder and View regdit :)


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