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Process Tamer 2 preview available to Members

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The members only section has the current download for the v2 preview release, for those who are interested in trying it early.
Post comments in this section.

Preview releases are generally for members only - the official final releases will be available as freeware to public.

If you are not a member of this site and cannot afford to (or for whatever reason won't) donate, please contact me ([email protected]) and i will email you the url.

new features:

summary of taming now in tray tooltip.
instant responsiveness from clicking system tray.
configuration gui.
mini task manager tool with fast manual priority changing and app termination.
right click menu with more options, including ability to specify custom 3rd party tool for menu.
customize double-click action.
can disable balloon tips.
optional logging function.
glowing icon when processes are being tamed.
added startup-with-windows option.
about box shows process currently being tamed.
support for accurate cpu usage metrics on multiprocessor systems (untested)
restores performance counters on exit.

Looks pretty good so far.  The only thing that doesn't seem right is the status of the tray app from within the config--it always says it's not running, even when it is.  That problem I was having with right-clicking the tray icon is gone, by the way.  :)

your 2nd person to say that the config file says the program is not running...  there def. seems to be a problem there.

ok i was able to reproduce the problem (on a win2k machine, dont know yet if thats the cause); should have it fixed soon.


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