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Favorite ZIP/RAR application?

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Ah, so mouser's pulling the old "ease-of-use" card out of the deck. I reach for it a hundred times a day. Although 7-Zip is [too] slowly being developed and enhanced, I think its appeal is its sheer simplicity. It doesn't do much, so it's not intimidating and there's no learning curve. Zip. Unzip. Done.

That's my biggest gripe about freeware (and all shareware) is that there always 1-3 missing features that would make it suitable, but without them, users usually end up consistently frustrated.

i'm just wondering, is there an application to display rar files like a folder. I find rar compression much better than zip, and thinking of converting all my zips to rars.

Lots of Explorer replacements such as ExplorerPlus, PowerDesk, xplorer2, and tweaking programs like X-Setup Pro offer this feature. WinRAR also has a Flat Folders view (CTRL+H) that lets you toggle between a folder view of an archive and a detailed list of all an archive's files view.

Okay, I mis expressed myself. I'm looking for a program like how WinXP zip folders work. Explorer can open the zip file like a normal window. Is there one for rar files?

i hear really good things about 7zip but it's definitely a feature i personally consider one of the most important.
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4.26 beta FINALLY supports right-click drag-n-drop.
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c'mon give it a shot...


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