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Favorite ZIP/RAR application?

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I've been using RAR since forever, but 7-Zip has been getting so good since version 4.X I'm pretty certain that as soon as they add Reed-Solomon archive recovery and split archives I'm likely to switch completely.

As for the competition, ease of use is all well and good, but give me high compression any day of the week.  ;)

I'm curious. Has anyone heard any complaints about the 7z format? I've read several vague ones from a few programmers, but I can't nail them down on what exactly they dislike.

The only 7z issues I have heard is that it is relatively slow and memory intensive compared to other formats,  though arguably these are more LZMA features rather than container issues.

I guess the fact that the 7-Zip app (and therefore the format) is still in beta and is relatively immature compared to the competition, with quite a few bugs still being fixed may also play a part.


For some programs this can be a real problem. I am thinking of installers that are looking for their zip files and are told by the OS that they are not there and instead those names it is looking for are folders. I remember I put zipmagic on a clients machine and he ended up going through hell trying to install soemthing. Never put it on another machine since.

powerdesk and directory opus both also display zips as folders.
maybe all file explorers do this?
-mouser (August 23, 2005, 02:06 PM)
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i have been using servant salamander as my preferred file manger for several years now. it has


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