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Favorite ZIP/RAR application?

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Yeah, I've got both Directory Opus (Dopus) and Diskjockey File Viewer Deluxe installed and they both do this... It's such a useful feature, I'd be surprised if a file manager DIDN'T do this... Does Windows Explorer do this in XP, given XP's native support for zip? I have to ask because one of the first things I did when I got XP was to turn OFF the native zip support - seemed irrelevant with Dopus and PKZip installed.

7-zip is what I use. Fast, small, efficient, can make sfx, 64-bit zips, doesn't include kitchen sink :)
Only creates 7z, tar and zip but can read most other formats. I'm not a zip "power user" so sfx options and such aren't really what I look for. 4.26 beta FINALLY supports right-click drag-n-drop. You should have SEEN the forum discussions about this one simple function that wasn't included because the Author claimed to never use it. Some guy even wrote a patch for ver. 4.13 to force right-click d-n-d. Arguments for it went from 'it's convenient' to 'every other zip app in the universe does it, so get with the program'. Arguments against it went from 'I don't use d-n-d' (author) to 'I'd rather have killer compression ratios and expanded compression formats support before I boo-hoo about drag-n-drop'.
Anyways, great zip app.

the idea of not supporting right-click drag-n-drop is insane.
it's probably the feature i use the most in an archive management program.

Insane? Well, the author was many times accused of various degrees of incompetence. One guy even said he was 'retarded'. I would hardly associate in-depth knowledge of various data compression/decompression algorithms with mental disability. Igor (the author) is also very helpful in the forum if you really need help.
I agree that right click d-n-d is a very useful function, but the level of bile that it's lack inspired was truly alarming. (did that sentence just almost not make sense or what?)

i hear really good things about 7zip but it's definitely a feature i personally consider one of the most important.


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