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Need Help please...


Okay, so I have a confession... I have been using a way out-dated version of Borland C++ Builder... ugh... Version 4.0... I know... way out-dated! Anywho, I have finally decided to switch to Borland C++ Builder 2006 (Pro. Suite)... I need as much help as possible with the thing... If you know of any good walkthrough video's or anything that could benefit me like walkthroughs, FAQs, Guides, Components or anything of that sort please post them below. Like I said, I really do need the help... Anything would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Renox (in future you might want to make your topic more informative so people who know the info will see spot it).

As for learning the new BDS2006 - one of the delphi guys made a lot of videos demonstrating tons of features:

As for components, I know you already know about Torry's:

And don't miss JEDI, a huge collection of free components:

thank you so much! I actually spent the last couple of days trying to find that video that you have posted! I really appreciate it alot! thnx :)


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