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SQLite Administrator


I've been working with SQLite the past few days and I needed a GUI administrative tool. Most of them turned out to be US$60-$600. I did find this free gem among them.

SQLite Administrator
SQLite Administrator is a powerful tool if you easily want to create, design or administrate SQLite database files. The SQL code editor helps you to quickly write sql queries with features such as code completion and highlighting. Both major versions of SQLite database files are supported by SQLite Administrator.

    * Create / Modify / Delete Tables by Wizard
    * Create / Modify / Delete Indices by Wizard
    * Create / Modify / Delete Views by Wizard
    * Create / Modify / Delete Triggers by Wizard
    * SQL Code Completion that supports table aliases
    * SQL Code Highlighting
    * SQL Error Locating
    * Import Data from CSV Files
    * Export Data ( XLS / CSV / HTML / XML )
    * Store User Queries into Database
    * Search for User Queries
    * Store Images into Blob Fields ( JPG / BMP )
    * Show SQL of each Database Item
    * Migrate SQLite2 Databases to SQLite3
    * Try to keep Indices and Triggers after modifying a Table

Supported Languages:

    * German
    * English
    * French - [by Stephane Wierzbicki]
    * Portugues (BR) - [by mamede]
    * Spanish - [by Jenaro Centeno G√≥mez]
    * Dutch - [by Johan Samyn]
    * Simplified Chinese - [by Zuo Weiming]
    * Russian - [by Ormada]
    * Polish - [by Piotr Drozdowski]
    * Italian - [by Paolo Paniga]
    * Hungarian - [by Zsolt]
    * Norwegian - [by Glenn O Larsen]
    * Turkish - [by Ismail Ata KURT]
    * Czech - [by Robert Hroch]

Supported Operating Systems:

    * Windows 2000
    * Windows XP
    * Windows Vista



When I inserted some data with SQL statements, i got this error

Well, it does say it's beta :) They have a forum for bug reports here:

Hi there.

I downloaded public beta, and I am not able to select italian language.
From main menu: "Hilfe" -> "Change Language" -> "Select language" drop down menu and... I find Deutsch language only.
What I missed?



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