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Borland c++ BUILDER tutorials?

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Oh that, that's part of the TScintilla component for Delphi and C++ Builder. I didn't add any code for that except changing styles etc. It is done automatically for you.

You can find this component at:

There are two parts that you need to install. The way I make it work is by first compiling the run time version of it scit.bpk in the C6 packages (considering you have C++ Builder 6) folder and then the design time DScit.bpk.

If you have the standard edition of C++, you will have to remove all DB (database) references otherwise compilation will fail.

Thanks SkyIDE.I'll open up another thread so that this thread dont't get flood with code stuff.Please help me with few things,i m passing few question in such manner that any newbie with C++ Builder learn from question that i'm about to post now.please do take some time to answer them.thanking u in advance.


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