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Network Clien/Server based Password Management System?

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Sorry Guys, i should've been more clear.
the password database would be centralsied, preferably with there being no way to save it locally.
it would need to support multi-user access, with users being able to update passwords simulateously (unlikely to be the same password)
a web interface, so that we could host it and have it accesable would be a plus but no essential.
We also have a terminal server that is accessible through the browser. this is more cumbersome though.
We don't need a fancy autofill-any-application you have open type app. Mainly for security reasons.

keepass looks very nice but i don't think it really fits the multi-access client/server model.

I've come across which for applicaions, looks to be the best of a bad bunch. Don't know how easy it is to actually set up though.

This seems to be something closer to what you're looking for:

I haven't tried it, so I'm making no assertions about whether it's good or bad.

I've been sent a pm regarding a program called it's a website based solution using mysql and apache. This way we can access the database from anywhere (as long as we publish the web address)

there is a free version available, with the following limitations;

a maximum of 1 Technician* in your network
and you can manage up to a maximum of 10 resources.
The Free Edition never expires and you get all the functionalities of the Professional Edition except technical support.

a technician is a user with administrator or supervisor priviledges.
a normal user only has read-only access to the site.

Pricing isn't too bad.

Product License Fee Annual
SecureCentral PassTrix Release 4
Annual Subscription Fee For 2 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $195     
Annual Subscription Fee For 5 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $395   
Annual Subscription Fee For 10 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $795   
Annual Subscription Fee For 20 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $1,295   
Annual Subscription Fee For 25 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $1,495   
Annual Subscription Fee For 50 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $2,495

theere is an online demo of it here:


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