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password-protect external HD (USB)?

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Actually, i thought you knew about it, it's very used by members here.. Just check the search for "truecrypt". (strangelly, i can't make links for search results :()

NTFS supports encryption, but if you want to access encrypted files from another box than your own, afaik you'll have to export some stuff from your own box and import it on the other - bother. TrueCrypt seems like a decent option.

A "decent option."  Given your expressed propensity to be particular, that rates pretty high.  Works for me.

Since a year or so I use TrueCrypt every day and never had a problem with it.

I have for example one TrueCrypt container on my hard drive where the whole development things are stored (source codes, customer data base, etc.), or another container on an external hard disk (~150 GB in size) which is only used to back up data (done with SyncBackSE). Also USB sticks can be encrypted!

TrueCrypt gives me also some kind of peace when I'm out of office, it's one of the tools I could not live without. Highly recommended.

Just an heads-up about the ntfs encryption.
Using this system, the files are encrypted with a password you don't know. They are bound to that user and that windows instalation. If you reinstall windows or really wish to have access to those files in another computer, if you didn't unencrypt (does that word exist?) the files first, you're screwed.
From what i know, you're much better off with that truecrypt program or something similar.


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