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Dexpot: Probably the best virtual desktop manager around

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Stumbled unto yet another Russian: Aston - $30

Fix your link, it points to http://aston :)

Dexpot looks nice. I installed it and found out that it cannot handle my destop setup. I run a laptop with an external monitor.

Dexpot treats it like a 1280x800 screen and apps will all show up on top of each other.

I am revisiting Dexpot and I am not getting the behavior I was before. Maybe it had something to do with the way the screens were in relation to each other. Currently I have them like this...

Dexpot: Probably the best virtual desktop manager around

I am interested to hear from some of the longterm users of Dexpot how stable it has been for them. What's been your longterm usage of it like?

I ceased to use it for the reason explained here. I realized that it doesn't bring much to my style of work, but the taskbar reordering is an obstruction.


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