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Dexpot: Probably the best virtual desktop manager around

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does that mean you can have different grids for different virtual screens?
-nudone (January 20, 2007, 11:23 AM)
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Tell me: where do you get all those fantastic ideas??  :tellme:

Well... Currently.. No. But can be done :)
GridMove currently doesn't accept any command line parameters, but i can have it accept. Then, in dexpot, you "configure desktops" and have it run gridmove on each change to a desktop, with the parameter being the name of the grid. (did i explain myself well?)

No.. *caveat* GridMove still takes a bit to load (at least in my computer, takes about 3 sec). So, each time you changed desktops, you'l lose gridmove for that time. BUT maybe i can fix that, i'm not sure. I need to take a good look at the code.

PS: each time you launch gridmove, the previous instance is closed. That's why this works.

i see. i don't think 3 seconds is too bad a delay but i suppose it depends on how you use the computer.

it would be handy to have working with virtual desktops regardless of the delay.

This thread is so far going way over my head. I have no idea of what a 'virtual desktop' is, and have never clicked at 'Active Desktop > Adjust Desktop/ New / Show web content' - well, once, and then something terrible happened, and I never tried again. If the two subjects, virtual and active desktop, are connected at all?

Can 'you' explain to me what a virtual desktop really is? And why I would want such a thing? Do I need a manager if I have one virtual desktop only? - and then, why I would want more than one?

Sorry for asking such beginner's questions, but the subject never caught my interest before - and I don't think Microsoft's explanation on 'Virtual Desktop' is much of a help, it made me even more confused.  :tellme:

It's like having several monitors in one, and only show one at a time. Extremely useful once you get the hang of it.

It's like having several monitors in one, and only show one at a time. Extremely useful once you get the hang of it.-TucknDar (January 20, 2007, 05:13 PM)
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'Several monitors in one' - the purpose being? Forgive me if I am just plain narrow minded, but what can you do with more monitors in one, that you can't do with more windows open on that one and same screen?


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