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Dexpot: Probably the best virtual desktop manager around

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What can you ask of a desktop manager?
First.. That it works! This excludes most of windows virtual desktop managers. The windows vdm powertoy sucks, it has trouble with almost every window i can think of. Others can't completelly hide windows, others don't have custumizable hotkeys, well.. Most of them lack important features.
But that's not the case with Dexpot.
There's no feature you can't find, nothing you can't custumize and... It simply works! It even has that exposee thing that mac's OSX has, minimize to tray, rollup, always on top, change window transparency, etc,etc,etc!

Here are some screenshots:

PS: those lines in the desktop are not dexpot's fault, those are ms's virtual desk manager's fault  >:( >:( >:(
Found through snapfiles

I'm quite excited about this program!
Here's a bunch of other features i found in the meanwhile:
It features the possiblity of creating "rules" for windows, such that a variety of actions can be made as the program detects those windows' existance.
Also, it uses *very* little memory, process explorer displays 3.8mem of private bytes.
It also has per-desktop configuration of a variety of things, from desktop background to icon placement, startup actions, resolution and even things such as "startup sound", screensaver (???), and the possibility of password-protecting desktops. You can also hide the start button, the taskbar, etc etc.

Oh, and i forgot something... It's freeware!!. And way better than any shareware i've seen for this task! :D

It even has "desktop slideshow" (not that's useful, but it's fun :D)

i'd also agree that it's the 'best' after trying a few of the others. but does it work with gridmove, jgpvaiva? i never tried it with that.

but does it work with gridmove, jgpvaiva? i never tried it with that.
-nudone (January 20, 2007, 09:20 AM)
--- End quote ---
Yep, it works perfectly. Only has a small problem that is GridMove's fault (gridmove gets activated on the program's changer, because there's no way to specify exceptions. Hopefully, i'll fix that soon ;) )

does that mean you can have different grids for different virtual screens?


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